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Sword Belt – Les Artisans d'Azure

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The best equipment for fantasy medieval Live-Action Role-playing Games in North America. LARP Armors, Accessories, Costumes, Latex Weapons and Creations !
Legend The swashbuckler unsheets his long rapier and his sharp off-hand dagger from his scabbards while he approaches methodicaly from the subject of his vengeance.  ''My name is Enio Montoya. You killed my fatherprepare to die !''  Description This compounded belt combines two scabbards around an asymetrical belt design to provide a three in one accessory for your LARP costume. With its authentic look allowing the sword to rest lower on the hip, the main scabbard is very comfortable and will keep your weapon in place reliably. Additionaly, the dagger scabbard includes a strap to hold firmly your favorite off-hand weapon and avoid it to fall in action. Perfect for a more historical outfit, this sword belt will fit perfectly for any musketeer, swashbuckler, duelist or pirate character. Materials Beather 9-10 oz / 4 mm Antique brass-plated buckles, rivets, rings, and eyelets  Characteristics Adjustable scabbard  Dagger scabbard on the back Can support other accessories on the belt Right and Left here refers to the dominant hand of the user. For instance, a right scabbard is meant to be carried on the left hip and have the weapon drawn with the right hand. Sword and dagger not included  Dimensions (Waistline) Medium : 33-38 inches Large : 38-43 inches X-Large: 43-48 inches Handmade in Quebec, Canada by Les Artisans d'Azure  

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