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Gold investment

Overview :

The gold investment is the traditional method of investment. As day by day the gold investment has now expanded. Here you can buy gold in demat form also and many more methods are discovered.

Information :

Investing in gold means buying the gold and holding for longer period and selling when it gets higher value. As in india everyone buys the gold but nor with the intention of investment bur with the intention of wearing purpose as in jewellry so that they can use ot for weddings purpose.Buying gold in india is attached to emotinal sentiment. But through investment point of view you can earn more returns through it and also there are many methods.

Four types of gold investment

Pros :

Inflation doesn’t affect.

Liquidity in nature.

It holds value for longer period.

Shows significance wealth.

Safe and secure.

Cons :

Doesn’t generate the passive income

It is difficult to store.

Return are less compare to other investment.


Practically buying of gold.

1. Investment in physical gold.

It is a traditional method of investing in gold. In India, this method is mostly followed. It means buying gold in the form of jewellery or in the form of a biscuit.

Most of the people buy jewellery so that they can be used in the form of accessories and also get earned from their investment.

Some people buy gold in the form of a biscuit. So that they could convert it into their desire design of jewellery and the second reason is they make a collection of biscuit and sell at right times so that they can earn good money from it.

You should know this before buying:

As buying gold biscuit has one more advantage can avoid the making charges. If you want to convert it into jewellery then it will charge you making charges. In jewellery you have to pay making charges So buying gold jewellery is expensive than buying gold biscuit.

2.Investment in sovereign bond:

It means buying gold in the form of a certificate. Yes, you can buy gold from 1 gram in the form certificate i.e…in sovereign gold bond.

Why it is good?

You should know this before buying:

3. Investment in gold ETF find.

Here we invest in gold through a mutual fund. The concept is in such way that mutual fund collects the money from people who want to make an investment in gold ETF  then mutual fund invest that money in gold mines companies or in gold stock or RBI scheme of gold etc.

You should know this before buying:

4. Investment through digital gold

Here you can buy gold and instead of using bank locker or your own locker for safety. You can keep your gold safe in digital form ( in their locker ) here is no risk of stolen.

You should know before buying



HOPE SO. Ysou learned Gold investment from the four types of gold investment.


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